MicroStrategy 9 BI Applications Certified on VMware Virtualization Platform

MicroStrategy Inc., a provider of business intelligence software, has announced that its latest product release, MicroStrategy 9, runs on the VMware virtualization platform. MicroStrategy customers can now deploy MicroStrategy 9 BI applications on VMware-based virtual machines. This will enable applications to achieve the hardware efficiencies, streamlined operations, and low cost of operation available through virtualization.

Virtual machine technology allows companies to increase processing capacity from their servers by pooling that capacity across multiple applications and operating systems. Large BI applications that have varying usage throughout the day will benefit from a virtual environment where processing power can be fully utilized during peak times and directed to other applications when BI demand is low.

With VMware-based virtualization solutions, MicroStrategy customers can operate their BI environment in an internal cloud or private cloud configuration, providing a wide range of processing flexibility. By running MicroStrategy in a virtual environment, companies will be able to use less server hardware and require fewer IT personnel to manage and maintain their BI systems, leading to overall lower capital costs and reduced operating expenses. MicroStrategy's BI software is designed to minimize the number of IT personnel needed, and virtualization further extends that strength.

"There are many benefits to implementing MicroStrategy 9 on VMware virtual machines," Eric de Roos, director of product management at MicroStrategy, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The MicroStrategy platform requires significantly fewer servers than competitive platforms to support the same BI capacity. This provides an even lower total cost of ownership when combined with virtual machines, since less hardware and fewer system administrators are needed. Also, business intelligence software often has peak usage only at certain times. When running in a virtual environment, additional hardware capacity can be easily added to the MicroStrategy implementation during these times, scaling to meet the additional demand."

For more information about MicroStrategy 9 and its certification with VMware, go here.