MicroStrategy Announces Availability of BI Reports and Dashboards on the Amazon Kindle DX

MicroStrategy has announced the availability of MicroStrategy business intelligence reports, dashboards, and scorecards on the Amazon Kindle DX, enabling MicroStrategy BI users to store, retrieve, and review business intelligence reports on the Kindle DX in PDF format while away from the office.

By storing business intelligence reports on the Kindle DX, users no longer need to print out and carry stacks of reports with them when they travel. The large memory capacity of the Kindle DX, with more than 3GB of usable storage, enables users to store tens of thousands of BI reports and dashboards.

With MicroStrategy, Kindle DX users can receive reports on a scheduled basis, and set up email alerts triggered by important business indicators that inform them of time-sensitive issues. Users can also download business reports and documents directly to the Kindle DX at their convenience. For more information and to download sample MicroStrategy reports for the Kindle DX, go here.