MicroStrategy Drives Broader BI Adoption with 10.6 Release

MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise software platforms, has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 10.6, the newest feature release to the company’s MicroStrategy 10 platform. The latest release offers several new features across MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Mobile.

The update offers new options to distribute dashboards with offline interactivity and introduces an export engine that enhances the formatting and delivery of personalized dashboards to end users across the enterprise. This feature release also adds certification for new data sources and offers new mapping visualization capabilities for MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Mobile.

MicroStrategy 10.6 provides several features that make it easier to deliver and consume analytics across MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Mobile and Usher. Version 10.6 allows users to easily distribute and share MicroStrategy files. According to the vendor, these files, which are proprietary dashboard files that are formatted for offline interactivity, can be combined with MicroStrategy Server’s distribution services to enable users to perform actions such as scheduling the delivery of interactive dashboards for offline analysis based on time, event or threshold triggers; subscribing to dashboards with flexible formatting and delivery options that can be managed by the end user; performing high-volume report and dashboard bursting in order to reach thousands of users in a highly optimized manner, without running different reports for every user; dynamically personalizing dashboards, so end users receive relevant, secure information that is based on preconfigured security filters and language options; and securing the distribution of MicroStrategy files by halting deliveries when security rules are broken during distribution or subscription.

MicroStrategy 10.6 also delivers a revamped export engine with new capabilities that enhance the ability to share dashboards in PDF format. The new export engine is a separate micro-service and is installed along with MicroStrategy Server, giving MicroStrategy Web users the ability to generate formatted PDF files with support for maps, D3 and other custom visualizations, HTML containers and HTML-tag based content.

The MicroStrategy 10.6 feature release also offers enhanced mapping capabilities for MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Mobile. The latest version offers a unified map visualization that allows users to seamlessly share geospatial information on both Google and ESRI-based maps. Additionally, the new map visualizations let users plot multiple layers of information simultaneously on a single map. Dashboard designers and analysts can choose from multiple graphic styles, such as markers, bubbles, colored areas or polygons, and density maps. Users can also include pie or ring charts on map visualizations, making it easier to visualize dimensional data on a map.

Simultaneously with the 10.6 feature release, MicroStrategy 10.4 Hotfix 2 is generally available to customers today. This hotfix is the second update to the MicroStrategy 10.4 platform release and includes 150 critical enhancements and fixes across the platform, improving overall product stability.

For more information about MicroStrategy 10.4.2, visit the MicroStrategy Community.