MicroStrategy Enhances Platform with Geospatial Capabilities

MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, is releasing an enhanced version of its flagship software, boosting mapping capabilities and more.

Version 10.11 introduces new out-of-the-box visualizations, intelligent recommendations for content, prompts for dossiers, a native MicroStrategy Library app for smartphones, and more.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of version 10.11 and all of its powerful new features. Business teams can now confidently take the first step towards establishing an enterprise-wide, data-driven culture on their own,” said Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “The latest capabilities available in MicroStrategy 10.11 are central to MicroStrategy’s commitment to deliver the next generation of enterprise analytics and advance our goal of building the ultimate analytics platform for the Intelligent Enterprise.”

Further leveraging MicroStrategy’s responsive design capabilities that enable dossiers to render beautifully on various devices and form factors, users can now interact with data on dossiers via native apps optimized for iOS and Android smartphones.

MicroStrategy 10.11 introduces MicroStrategy Geospatial Services and delivers new mapping capabilities via a native integration with Mapbox. The new and enhanced map visualization is available for dossiers on all interfaces, including MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Workstation, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Mobile, and MicroStrategy Library. Users can visualize and analyze spatial data with advanced mapping capabilities, including intelligent clustering and aggregation, dynamic layers with interactive zoom, thresholds for attributes, and more.

MicroStrategy 10.11 introduces three new visualizations that expand visual analytics capabilities for new use cases. With this latest release, users can plot and interact with data using waterfall, histogram, and box plot visualizations, all of which are available out-of-the-box in all MicroStrategy interfaces.

MicroStrategy 10.11 introduces several new features for Dossier that promote faster performance on larger datasets. Users can now leverage prompts with dossiers to proactively limit the data that is displayed on a dossier. In addition to accelerating performance by processing only the necessary data, prompts help to personalize information by revealing only relevant data.

The latest release introduces new features for MicroStrategy on AWS that make administration more streamlined. Administrators can see usage statistics across various instances and services, including details like CPU and memory utilization, number of database connections, and free storage space--all within a single interface.

The latest feature release also introduces dozens of additional enhancements, including new data connectors, new library feature that offers recommendations, R integration, and more.

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