MicroStrategy Integrates with Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse Service

MicroStrategy Inc., a business intelligence software vendor, has certified its integration with the Amazon Redshift data warehouse service, a cloud-based service designed to deliver high performance analytics for data warehouse and big data applications.               

"A big part of the value we perceive with Redshift is that it takes advantage of the cloud to really deliver a very impressive price-performance ratio that is compelling for a lot of different use cases,” Kevin Spurway, MicroStrategy’s vice president of cloud and strategic marketing, tells DBTA. MicroStrategy is one of the first vendors to certify integration with Amazon Redshift.  “Redshift can be seen as a cheaper and viable solution for disaster recovery and high availability,” Alex Freixas, MicroStrategy’s vice president of software network engineering, adds.

MicroStrategy’s integration with Amazon Redshift demonstrates its innovation in the big data analytics market. The company has pioneered technologies to enhance the usability and performance of Hadoop, enabling a wide range of users, including business analysts and non-technical users, to interact with Hadoop in a point-and-click interface to query data. MicroStrategy is also involved in large-scale data warehousing, as their ROLAP (Relational Online Anlaytical Processing) architecture generates highly optimized SQL for maximum performance and scalability of all major data sources.

MicroStrategy’s enhanced big data capabilities with certified nitration to Amazon Redshift analytical data warehouse service is available now. Visit to learn more.