MicroStrategy Introduces New Updates to Primary Platform that Simplifies Sharing Analytics

MicroStrategy is releasing a new version of its signature platform, introducing Dossier, a new storybook experience for everyone across the enterprise that makes it easy to consume, share, and collaborate around analytics.

“MicroStrategy 10.9 represents the biggest leap forward since our MicroStrategy 10 platform launch and underscores our vision of delivering ‘Intelligence Everywhere’,” says Tim Lang, senior executive vice-president and chief technology officer of MicroStrategy. “We believe collaborative analytics accelerates the velocity of decision making. That’s why we’re introducing Dossier, an easier and faster method of consuming analytics that we believe end users are going to love. MicroStrategy 10.9 empowers users to do more with their analytics regardless of their technical skill or role.”

MicroStrategy 10.9 delivers Dossier, an interactive book of business which combines relevant analytics into a single place, organized into chapters and pages.

The new streamlined interface goes beyond dashboards and brings data together in a format that all users recognize and understand.

The new consumer-oriented and brower-based interface offers end users a modern and interactive way to explore data. Dossier makes it easy to navigate and share reports and visualizations that matter to users.

Version 10.9 enables users to collaborate via discussion threads and real-time comments within the Dossier interface.

Additionally, the 10.9 release delivers the MicroStrategy Library, a personalized portal for all users to access their BI content and dossiers. End users can login to the MicroStrategy Library to find a list of all dossiers to which they subscribed to or have accessed. Each dossier in the library is represented by a customized thumbnail image, making it easy to visually identify content.

Other updates include enhanced search options for users to find content quickly. New notifications and comments made to the user will show up clearly as an alert, so the user doesn’t miss an update.

MicroStrategy 10.9 makes it easier for users to access, analyze, and operationalize their data. MicroStrategy 10.9 provides business analysts with more connectors to data sources, easier data preparation, visual analytics and guided advanced analytics. Analysts can author once and deploy on multiple devices, without worrying about the target device.

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