MicroStrategy Introduces Revamped Desktop and New Workstation in Latest Platform Update

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, is updating its signature platform, introducing a redesigned desktop and new workstation.

MicroStrategy 10.10 builds on its previous release, which introduced the Dossier feature and MicroStrategy Library.

Dossier and MicroStrategy Library delivered a new storybook experience for everyone across the enterprise and made it easy to consume, share, and collaborate around analytics.

Using these features as a launching pad, the 10.10 empowers analysts, developers and administrators to author, promote and operationalize the Dossier and MicroStrategy Library functionalities via MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Workstation, in addition to web interfaces.

“10.10 adds a completely revamped data discovery client, we call it MicroStrategy Desktop,” said Hugh Owen, ‎senior vice president, product marketing at MicroStrategy. “It’s a completely overhauled user experience for someone who wants a client on their PC, a client on their Mac, to be able to connect to Dossiers and have them locally on their machine.”

The newest generation of MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy's free data discovery tool, delivers a completely redesigned interface and significant enhancements to the previous version.

Available for both PC and Mac, the client allows users to connect to more than 80 data sources and easily build powerful dossiers to visually tell stories with data.

MicroStrategy 10.10 introduces MicroStrategy Workstation, a new addition to the MicroStrategy product line. This ptool gives administrators and content developers the ability to quickly and easily build and maintain scalable enterprise content, create users and groups, assign security roles, schedule and publish data mashups for business teams, and do much more.

MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Workstation allow analysts, data stewards and administrators who have the "certifier" privilege to watermark dossiers and analytics content with a "certified stamp."

MicroStrategy Workstation's intuitive visual interface allows administrators to easily spin up and manage an enterprise analytics environment in the cloud in a matter of minutes.

It simplifies the process of creating and managing users and user groups, assigning security roles, and managing access permissions.

Additionally, With MicroStrategy 10.10, new data connectors, such as, Neo4j, TapClicks, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DC and SurveyMonkey, are available in the Connector Gallery of the MicroStrategy Community.

With version 10.10, organizations can add custom connectors to all MicroStrategy authoring interfaces, including MicroStrategy Workstation and MicroStrategy Desktop, via the Data Connector API. With the ability to leverage new and unique connectors, organizations can use all MicroStrategy authoring interfaces to easily build analytics and mobility applications.

“We’ve made a huge investment in modernizing the look and feel of how you consume analytics through MicroStrategy and have taken on board all the latest trends,” Owen said.

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