MicroStrategy Offers a New Desktop Platform

MicroStrategy Incorporated is launching MicroStrategy Desktop at no cost to users, allowing professionals to utilize popular data sources and build insightful visualizations.

MicroStrategy Desktop, available for Mac and PC, is a data discovery tool that allows users to access data on their own and build dashboards.

With MicroStrategy Desktop, users can access over 70 data sources, from personal spreadsheets to relational databases and big data sources like Hadoop.

The platform allows departmental users to visualize information with hundreds of chart and graph options, empowering them to make decisions on their own.

The platform is available for download directly from the MicroStrategy website, allowing first-time users as well as existing customers to get started quickly.

It  is built on the latest version of MicroStrategy 10, which provides increased data source support, expanded visualizations, and easier collaboration. Users who download MicroStrategy Desktop can build and share interactive dashboards with each other.

“The release of 10 was a very big release for us and the feedback from our customers and analysts was very positive so we wanted to make sure we could update as many of our customers as possible on what’s possible with our version of the product,” said Hugh Owen, .

MicroStrategy customers who use MicroStrategy Web can connect MicroStrategy Desktop to their existing projects.

Additionally, by downloading their dashboards from the server to MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web users can work locally and offline.

Business users will benefit the most from this new offering along with people fairly new to analytics like students, Owen said.

“It’s very focused on giving an individual the ability to be successful in the first minute, first 10 minutes, first hour as they build out powerful dashboards, data discovery, and analysis’s,” Owen said.

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