MicroStrategy Releases MicroStrategy 10.7

MicroStrategy is releasing an enhanced version of its signature platform, delivering a new set of APIs that will allow users to connect to almost any data source.

MicroStrategy 10.7 also adds integrations with Natural Language Generation (NLG) providers Automated Insights and Narrative Science, letting users add Intelligent Narratives to their dashboards alongside their reports, graphs, and visualizations.

With NLG, MicroStrategy users can read narratives that explain the patterns and trends in the data, making the platform more accessible to an even wider audience of business users.

“We can now, with a partnership with the leading vendors in the NLG space, render in written form detailed summarizations and analysis of the data that exists in grids, graphs and visualizations so anyone who can read is able to consume the analysis,” said Hugh Owen, ‎senior vice president, product marketing at MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy 10.7 offers a set of APIs to build almost any data connector and an extensive SDK to support the Data Connector API. Adding to MicroStrategy 10's extensive library of native supported drivers, the Data Connector SDK enables MicroStrategy customers and partners to use a proprietary REST API or standard web technologies to access additional and new sources of data.

The Data Connector SDK allows access to data sources including Eloqua, Amazon S3, OneDrive and more - all on top of secure authentication modes.

“If there’s some new data source that you want to go and connect to and MicroStratgey hasn’t yet built a native driver or gateway, our customers can now build it for themselves by using this Data Connector SDK,” Owen said. “We’ve provided all of our customers with the ability to connect to almost any set of data no matter where it lives.”

The new update supports the use of artificial intelligence to produce intelligent narratives that describe the analytics users are viewing. This new feature interprets charts and graphs into clear and meaningful narratives that explain the context of hidden insights in data.

Version 10.7 also certifies integrations with Automated Insights and Narrative Science, and makes extensions available to both technologies, enabling end users to leverage NLG to translate structured data to text in order to facilitate data discovery.

MicroStrategy 10.7 delivers a re-architected native connector, called the Hadoop Gateway, that leverages Apache Spark to increase scalability and performance while accessing data directly from HDFS.

Other new features for MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, and MicroStrategy Mobile in version 10.7 include new certifications for data sources, custom shapes on iOS devices, and AppConfig Support in Android.

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