MicroStrategy Secure Cloud Speeds Deployment of Analytics Applications

MicroStrategy is releasing a cloud solution that will combine all the capabilities of the MicroStrategy 10 Platform, plus data integration, validation, warehousing services, and application management support.

With MicroStrategy 10 Secure Cloud, the company says, users can deliver product analytics in less than 5 minutes with MicroStrategy 10 capabilities delivered via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. “With this revamped version of our cloud offering we’re going to be able to fully leverage all the capabilities AWS gives to us and all of the different services they provide,” said Hugh Owen, MicroStrategy’s SVP of product marketing. “We also have an extensive roadmap of new capabilities that we’re looking to give to our customers.”

According to MicroStrategy, the platform will eliminate months of procurement, installation, configuration and tuning, and tap into a secure cloud environment to start building transformational analytics applications almost immediately. The new solution will also allow users to host their environment in whichever geography they choose, whether closer to home or closer to customers.

“What is essentially the best analytics platform available is now available in an environment where the customers can have that all in less than 5 minutes,” said Owen. CEOs and CIOs who have analytics applications that they need to deploy in 2015-2016 and want to do it with as little fuss as possible with the most speed as possible will benefit from this, Owen explained.

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