MicroStrategy Unveils MicroStrategy 10.4

MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise software platforms, has introduced the latest update to the company's MicroStrategy 10 platform, which adds new features spanning analytics, mobility and security, and makes the platform faster and easier to use.

Version 10.4 doubles the capacity of server clusters to eight nodes, helping to ensure enterprises are equipped to roll out and scale applications to large user populations. This enables MicroStrategy customers to now consolidate multiple production environments or incrementally increase user capacity.

The new release also facilitates faster performance for specific user groups, critical batch processes and ad hoc query activity with a new feature called “work fencing,” which allows organizations to control and manage large environments more effectively, and allows administrators to draw more power from existing MicroStrategy Server clusters. Work fencing optimizes the use of server resources and helps ensure that dedicated computing power is available to support specific users, user groups or tasks. In addition, with “user fencing,” another new feature in version 10.4, organizations can dedicate select server nodes to priority users, such as CXOs and high-profile customers, so they always experience sub-second response times.

"Built for the enterprise, MicroStrategy 10.4 delivers a powerful combination of larger clusters and work fencing," said Tim Lang, CTO, MicroStrategy. "This enables customers to deploy more users and types of applications on a single platform, while still helping to ensure the highest quality of service for mission-critical systems."

Additional new features in version 10.4 include Thresholding on Attributes, Smart Defaults for Data Discovery, EMM Support via AppConfig for iOS, Improved Native Android Mobile Client, and New Big Data Drivers.

With thresholding on attributes, users can now include threshold-based highlighting on attribute elements. This is in addition to being able to apply thresholds on metric values, which is available for both report services and dashboards. This extends out to third-party custom visualizations as well, so designers can now create custom D3 plug-ins that offer thresholding for attributes.

With smart defaults for data discovery, analysts can now rely on smart defaults to automatically format visualizations for the best appearance. And, MicroStrategy Mobile also adds AppConfig to its library of supported enterprise mobility management (EMM) deployment choices. Witu EMM Support via AppConfig for iOS, in addition to native integration support with AirWatch, MobileIron and Good Dynamics, MicroStrategy10.4 now provides native integration to configure and secure iOS apps based on AppConfig guidelines.

MicroStrategy 10.4 also delivers increased functionality in its Android mobile client, introducing integration with push notifications and support for D3 visualizations; and includes updated drivers that allow customers to leverage the latest big data sources, while minimizing run time for analytics. Updated drivers are available for Hive, Presto and Microsoft Access. Additionally, version 10.4 also certifies Spark SQL 1.6, MemSQL 4.x and SAP HANA 11.

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