MicroStrategy Upgrades its Dashboarding and Sharing Capabilities

MicroStrategy is releasing an updated version of its analytics platform that will make it easier than ever to build apps and dashboards, offer speedy deployment, and improve governance.

“This is a continuation of a fairly major release that we pushed out last year, our 10.0 release, which was a significant milestone in the product history of MicroStrategy,” Stefan Schmitz, vice president of product management at MicroStrategy. “It's really the first time that the industry has seen a solution that can truly balance the need between agility and self-service on the business analyst side of the organization and the need to still keep IT in control around governance, security, reliability, and scalability.”

Version 10.2 of MicroStrategy include simpler D3 visualization workflows and novel collaboration options that allow business analysts to easily add annotations or comments while sharing dashboards via MicroStrategy Desktop.

The release also features customizable home screens with MicroStrategy Web, reusable themes for documents, replaceable datasets, auto partitioning of in-memory cubes, and more.

“We have large organizations that invest heavily in building out and creating large numbers of reports and dashboards, they want to typically have those documents adhere to a common look and feel, a common standard,” said Schmitz. “You can define the look and feel in terms of formatting, style and branding once, then you can apply that to potentially hundreds of documents in the organization, saving a lot of time for the developer or the author of content.”

Features new to MicroStrategy Mobile include enhanced drilling, offline prompt support, mobile subscriptions for iOS, and improvements with the native MicroStrategy Mobile app that is also available for Android.

Along with these enhancements, business users can upload dashboards to a centralized environment to enhance their analyses with modeled enterprise data, swap out localized data with trusted enterprise sources, and share their findings with colleagues.

Existing customers, developers, and analysts will benefit from the new functionalities, according to Schmitz.

“At the same time the governed data discovery theme that we uniquely support with the 10 release and continued to invest in 10.2, will also make it very attractive to new customers who are either moving away from traditional BI vendors and are facing scalabiltiy and governance challenges with new crop of data discovery tools,” Schmitz said.

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