MicroStrategy and Alation Partnership Offers Broader Access to Data for Discovery and Governance

MicroStrategy is partnering with Alation, offering users of Alation Data access to a data catalog directly within the MicroStrategy interface that can seamlessly conduct self-service enterprise data discovery and analytics in the MicroStrategy platform.

When Alation connects to an organization’s data sources, it crawls and indexes data assets stored across different physical repositories, including databases, Hadoop files and data visualization tools, to produce a rich catalog.

MicroStrategy 10’s integration with Alation Data Explorer provides a collaborative data catalog for data discovery and governance to a broader set of users, thereby increasing the impact and value of data. This integration leverages Alation’s new software development kit (SDK) to embed its enterprise data search and discovery capabilities into MicroStrategy 10.

“We are excited by the value MicroStrategy and Alation collectively bring to business users – helping them easily navigate, search and share insights from complex and voluminous data structures like Hadoop, data lakes and data management solutions,” said Emmanuel Richard, vice president, global alliances, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “The combination of Alation’s data cataloging capacity with MicroStrategy 10 fills a critical technology gap and provides a modern big data analytics solution stack for both data consumers and BI experts.”

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