MicroStrategy and DataRobot Target Faster Enterprise AI-Driven Insights Without Disrupting Workflow

MicroStrategy, a provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, has announced a new technology partnership with DataRobot, a provider of enterprise AI. The companies want to make it easier for businesses to integrate AI into their most popular applications and core processes by leveraging MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence cards to deliver AI-driven insights and recommendations. According to the companies, this will seamlessly inject trusted and predictive analytics directly into popular business applications on both web and mobile—including Google’s G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, and SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, Workday, and Confluence—revealing insights to users without interrupting their existing workflows.

MicroStrategy 2019 in combination with DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Platform aims to speed decision making and augment employee productivity with AI-driven insights and recommendations, delivered into the tools, apps, and devices people rely on every day.

With MicroStrategy’s open source packages for Python and R, data scientists can leverage DataRobot to automatically train, optimize, and deploy machine learning models on trusted data, securely, and at enterprise scale. And, with DataRobot and MicroStrategy, the companies say, data scientists can obtain quicker time to value, solve complex problems, and deliver AI-driven insights to business users across multiple form factors.

“Organizations want to extract value from their enterprise data, yet often struggle with adopting AI in a way that drives measurable business impact due to lack of technical skill or dedicated data science resources,” said Seann Gardiner, EVP of business development at DataRobot. “Through our technology partnership with MicroStrategy, organizations can now leverage best-of-breed technology to develop thoughtful applications that integrate predictive and prescriptive modeling across all areas of the business. The powerful combination of DataRobot and MicroStrategy can broaden the users who contribute to and succeed with AI.”

“This is a ‘Moneyball’ moment for organizations looking to successfully shift to AI in order to better serve their customers and boost the bottom line,” said Marge Breya, senior EVP and CMO at MicroStrategy. “Actionable insights into complex business problems can now be gleaned in seconds, as well as correlations that would take a person weeks or months to pinpoint. Our technology partnership with DataRobot delivers a powerful, game-changing solution that fully leverages enterprise data assets and enables people on-the-go to act on it, unlocking new sources of growth and opportunities to move forward in today’s AI-driven era.”

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