MicroStrategy is Now Available on Amazon Web Services

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, is releasing the MicroStrategy platform on AWS, enabling users with instant access to on-demand business intelligence solutions.

“Rather than just simply deploying it into AWS, we wanted to provide our customers with an optimized version of the MicroStrategy platform so when they deploy it into AWS it’s going to take advantage of all the underlying strengths and services that are inherent with AWS that are unique to that offering,” said Hugh Owen, ‎senior vice president, product marketing at MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy on AWS represents an optimized version of the MicroStrategy 10 platform built specifically for deployment on AWS.

Organizations can now leverage more than 20 AWS services, together with the MicroStrategy 10 platform, to rapidly deploy new enterprise analytics and mobility environments in minutes.

“We built a collection of environment management tools to enable anyone who has access to a computer and the internet to log in to these provisioning tools, provide those tools with the AWS account number and fire up a full optimized, fully configured running MicroStrategy environment in under 30 minutes,” Owen said.

The new MicroStrategy on AWS solution offers a provisioning portal for administrators to create and deploy dedicated cloud environments with MicroStrategy 10 on AWS infrastructure; administrative tools that deliver automation and scheduling of routine tasks, making it easy to start, stop, resize, and terminate; the full breadth of MicroStrategy 10 capabilities, including enterprise data discovery, enterprise reporting and dashboards, optimized connectors to hundreds of databases, personalized distribution capabilities, powerful predictive analytics, and more; the ability to deploy mobile productivity apps that can be customized with branded transaction-enabled workflows, and tailored to any business function or role; and, cloud-specific RESTful APIs that provide flexibility to create custom workflows and build personalized administrative interfaces to automate operations.

MicroStrategy Desktop users can publish dashboards into MicroStrategy on AWS, and share content securely with others

Existing MicroStrategy customers who have on-premises deployments will now have the ability to spin up cloud-based test and development environments to try the latest MicroStrategy product features.

With MicroStrategy on AWS, technology partner organizations can have access to the latest version of MicroStrategy, and all the newest features and capabilities.

Customers who require significant amounts of agility and people who want to deploy in the cloud but what flexibility to deploy in different geographic regions will benefit the most from this, according to Owen.

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