Microsoft Azure Customers Can Now Access SolarWinds Observability Through the Azure Marketplace

SolarWinds, a provider of powerful and secure IT management software, announced SolarWinds Observability is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, empowering SolarWinds customers to take advantage of the Azure cloud platform.

In addition, SolarWinds expanded customer availability across the Asia-Pacific region to the company's software as a service (SaaS)-delivered observability offering designed to help businesses gain visibility into modern and distributed digital services.

SolarWinds Observability provides companies with the comprehensive and unified visibility they need to optimize performance and ensure reliability in these highly complex environments, according to the vendor.

The unified, cloud-native SaaS offering is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities built to deliver holistic and actionable insights, operational intelligence, and smart automation to help with fast remediation and achieving critical service-level objectives.

With SolarWinds Observability, customers have visibility into the complete environment—in both public and private clouds—to help expedite anomaly identification and resolution.

In addition to being available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, SolarWinds also offers direct and flexible licensing options, helping ensure the solution is accessible to customers of all sizes and across industries.

According to the company, in the coming months, SolarWinds Observability will be delivered as a Native Azure Service (NAS), allowing businesses already utilizing Azure to implement the solution’s world-class capabilities immediately.

“With the opening of our Asia-Pacific Azure data center, availability in the Azure Marketplace, and upcoming integration as a Native Azure Service, even more businesses in the region will have access to SolarWinds Observability,” said EVP and chief product officer Rohini Kasturi. “Our cloud-native solution was built from the ground up and features powerful AIOps and machine learning capabilities to help any company—regardless of size or industry—manage today’s hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.”

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