Microsoft Expands Focus on PostgreSQL Community with Citus Data Purchase

Microsoft has acquired Citus Data, a provider of a platform for scaling out Postgres databases.

The purchase was announced in a blog post by Rohan Kumar - corporate vice president, Azure Data. According to Kumar, because Citus is an extension to open source PostgreSQL, it gives enterprises the performance advantages of a horizontally scalable database while staying current with all the latest innovations in PostgreSQL.

The acquisition follows the launch of Microsoft’s managed community-based database service for PostgreSQL in March 2018.

Kumar wrote: “Data and analytics are increasingly at the center of digital transformation, with the most leading-edge enterprises leveraging data to drive customer acquisition and satisfaction, long-term strategic planning, and expansion into net new markets. This digital revolution is placing an incredible demand on technology solutions to be more open, flexible, and scalable to meet the demands of large data volumes, sub-second response times, and analytics driven business insights.”

According to Kumar, Microsoft Azure Data Services provides choice and flexibility with its managed community-based open source relational database services, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB, which builds on the company’s other open source investments in SQL Server on Linux, a multi-model NoSQL database with Azure Cosmos DB, and support for open source analytics with the Spark and Hadoop ecosystems. With the acquisition of GitHub, Kumar added, Microsoft continues to expand its commitment to support developers at every stage of the development lifecycle.

More information is available about Citus Data and Microsoft Azure Data.