Microsoft and Oracle Expand Interoperability Partnership to Canada

Just before the end of the year, Oracle announced an expansion of its cloud interoperability partnership with Microsoft to help joint customers worldwide run their mission-critical workloads across Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The new interconnect location enables enterprises to build workloads that interoperate between Microsoft and Oracle cloud regions in Canada, building on an existing partnership announced in June of 2019.

According to Oracle, 80% of enterprises use a combination of Microsoft and Oracle software to run their businesses, and, as cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, and businesses rely more on multiple cloud providers, the partnership is helping to make managing important cloud workloads significantly easier.

This unique multi-cloud solution delivers the performance, easy integration, rigorous service level agreements, and collaborative enterprise support that they need to simplify their operations. 

The expanded partnership was announced in a blog post by Vinay Kumar, vice president, product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. According to Kumar, the Oracle-Microsoft partnership means cloud services run by the two providers will interoperate as if they were part of a single cloud, making it easier for customers to run their mission-critical workloads across the two clouds.

From a technical perspective, Kumar added, the interconnect means less latency or delay, which enables better data transfer and application interaction between clouds. It also supports a broader spectrum of workloads, using resources available on both sides. 

Kumar said that Accenture recently performed testing on the performance of the interconnect and confirmed that the solution offers customers low latency and high ease of use.

Microsoft and Oracle plan to make the direct interconnect available in additional regions, including on the U.S. West Coast, in a U.S. Government specific region, in Asia, and in the European Union.

Earlier this year, Oracle and Microsoft created an interconnect in Ashburn (North America), Azure U.S. East, and in London (United Kingdom).