Migrating to Oracle and Other Systems Using Dell SharePlex

Oracle database migration can pose a variety of learning curve challenges. However, a platform does exist that can make the transition easier.

In a recent DBTA webinar, Bill Brunt, product manager of SharePlex at Dell, discussed how users can reduce downtime, migrate at speed, eliminate risk, and validate success by tapping into SharePlex.

According to Brunt, SharePlex can help with database replication from Oracle to Oracle, as well as SAP HANA, SQL Server, Postgres, and other targets.

During a migration SharePlex can move databases, storage, hardware, or the operating system within an enterprise.

Brunt explained that utilizing SharePlex for a migration can reduce downtime, decrease costs and potential mistakes by performing changes during working hours, and support unlimited practice runs from the production environment with no impact.

SharePlex can further eliminate risk if there is a failure in migration, Brunt said.

“I would characterize SharePlex as being one of the industrial strength solutions out there and because of this it handles probably more use cases than nearly any other solution,” Brunt said.

By using SharePlex, Dell itself was able to solve its migration issues and save $39 million, Brunt noted.

To view a replay of this DBTA webinar, go here.