Mobile Technology is Complicating Mainframe Management

Compuware Corporation, an infrastructure performance provider, announced the results of a global CIO survey on the impact of new technologies and trends on the mainframe application environment. The survey found mobile technology is increasing complexity, usage and costs of mainframe applications. As a result, companies are finding it more difficult to isolate and fix problems.

In addition, nearly 90% of CIOs said they are using outdated transaction monitoring practices that don’t provide visibility into how distributed and mainframe applications interact. “The survey results paint a picture of what IT departments have to cope with on a day-to-day basis,” said Kris Manery, senior vice president and general manager of mainframe solutions for Compuware.

“More than half of customer-facing and business-critical applications are dependent on the mainframe. At the same time, 68% of CIOs felt distributed application developers are unaware of the impact they have on the mainframe environment. That is cause for concern as a poorly optimized application interacting with the mainframe will drive up MIPS costs unnecessarily. Those costs could be drastically reduced if developers had visibility into how their code was impacting the mainframe.”

Companies are still using outdated silo-focused methods to monitor performance and are often unaware there is a problem until it starts impacting users. Yet added complexity is making it increasingly difficult to find and isolate the cause of issues, making problem resolution difficult. “New problems require new solutions,” said Manery.

SHARE and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE Mobile Computing Survey

Another study conducted earlier this year among 537 data center managers among the members of the SHARE users group and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE, as well as subscribers to IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition, also found that the rise of mobile application users is creating new complexities for IT departments as users demand access to data and processes. The survey, which was fielded during November and December of 2012, was sponsored by IBM and conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. in partnership with SHARE, GUIDE SHARE EUROPE and IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe Edition.

According to the SHARE study, mobile device proliferation and application development and management, represents a major shift in both enterprise and personal computing, and IT departments are struggling to provide comprehensive enterprise security, mobile device management, and access for employees, consultants, and partners to business-critical enterprise information.

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