Modernizing Applications with a Document Database

Modernizing applications means delivering an architecture that is flexible and scalable. NoSQL databases, such as document databases, support a flexible schema and scale out architecture.

When deployed in a microservices environment, teams are empowered for rapid application development, and can build applications that meet the performance requirements of their customers.

AWS DocumentDB is a scalable, durable, and fully managed database service designed to scale mission-critical JSON workloads.

DBTA held a webinar with, Karthik Vijayraghavan, Sr DocumentDB specialist SA, AWS who discussed how and why organizations should leverage this new technology for your application development operations.

Modernization is the process of progressively transforming applications and infrastructure to extend into higher value cloud-native services that unlock new business capabilities, accelerate innovation and reduce technical debt, he explained.

Modern application requirements consist of greater performance, scale, and availability. To maintain competitive advantage, digital businesses must innovate as rapidly as possible.

Amazon DocumentDB can help, he said. The platform is a fast, scalable, and fully managed MongoDB-compatible database service. It is a purpose-built document database engineered for the cloud.

Amazon DocumentDB scales with ease, is durable, available, and secure, fully managed by AWS, and is MongoDB-compatible.

DocumentDB Data Labs provide technical resources to help customer build tangible deliverables that accelerate data modernization initiatives.

Switching to the platform is easy, according to Vijayraghavan. The DocumentDB compatibility tool will examine log files from MongoDB to determine if applications use operators that are not supported in DocumentDB. This tool will report use of unsupported APIs, and output the unsupported log lines into a file for future use.

A customized migration game plan begins with decision makers (sponsor) and diverse stakeholders. It includes current state operations and business commitments, specific architectural recommendations on AWS, proposed milestones, and follow up action items.

Customers who've built DocumentDB POCs are given prescriptive architectural guidance, best practices, and technical roadblock removal by AWS Data Lab engineers and DocumentDB experts. Customers leave the lab with a well-architected prototype, a path to production, and greater knowledge of DocumentDB.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.