Molecula Receives $17.6 Million from Latest Funding Round to Launch First Cloud-Based Offering

Molecula, an enterprise feature store built for machine-scale analytics and AI, is closing a $17.6 million Series A round of funding, allowing the company to accelerate the launch of Molecula Cloud and scale the organization’s sales and marketing efforts.

The round is led by Drive Capital, with participation from TTV Capital and existing investors including Tensility. Andy Jenks of Drive Capital will join Molecula’s board of directors and this brings the company to its total funding of $23.6 million.

“A machine learning revolution is taking place right now—businesses, no matter the industry, will need to implement ML and AI to remain competitive, but current infrastructures are far too complex,” said Higinio (“H.O.”) Maycotte, CEO of Molecula. “The feature store is emerging as the most transformative category in the data space because it automates the preparation of data for machine-scale analytics and AI. Molecula takes the feature store one step further, by bridging the entire spectrum from data readiness to MLOps, making your most important data instantly computable.”

Molecula, the commercial version of the open-source, feature-first data format Pilosa, offers data engineers and data scientists a simple cloud-agnostic, compute-ready data layer that is ready for high performance, high-concurrency, advanced analytics and AI.

The system continuously extracts and updates features into a centralized feature store. By partnering with Molecula, industries including life sciences, healthcare, and financial services can achieve tangible value from their data easily, quickly, and with fewer resources.

An early customer of Molecula’s cloud solution includes a multiplayer online gaming network, Subspace, where speed and ultra-low latency are mission-critical to its performance.

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