MongoDB 3.0 Introduces Flexible Storage Architecture

MongoDB 3.0, which became generally available today, introduces a flexible storage architecture incorporating the WiredTiger storage engine, acquired in 2014.

With the new release of MongoDB, the company has also rolled out MongoDB Ops Manager for managing MongoDB deployments. MongoDB Ops Manager integrates with popular operations tools, and can reduce operational overhead by as much as 95%. Based on the MongoDB Management  Service  (MMS), MongoDB Ops Manager provides an on-premise software solution that enables operations teams and DBAs to deploy, upgrade, monitor and back up their systems with the click of a button and automates best practices developed with thousands of customer deployments.

The new release reduces operational overhead by up to 95%, has 7x-10x better write performance, and reduces on-disk database size by up to 80%. According to the company, the combination of MongoDB 3.0 and Ops Manager improve time to value and dramatically expand the set of mission-critical applications -- such as Internet of Things (IoT), time series data analysis, messaging and fraud detection -- that are best suited for MongoDB.

For more information, read the What's New in MongoDB 3.0 whitepaper.

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MongoDB has introduced MongoDB 3.0. According to Kelly Stirman, director of products at MongoDB, the new NoSQL database release introduces two key innovations that make the system well suited for the demanding requirements of large enterprises.

Posted February 03, 2015