MongoDB Atlas Enriched with New Capabilities to Build New Classes of Applications across the Entire Enterprise

MongoDB, Inc. is launching five new products and introducing new features to its developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas, making it faster and easier for customers to build modern applications, for any workload or use case.

The new products and features include generative AI capabilities with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search for highly relevant information retrieval and personalization; MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes for dedicated resources with search workloads at enterprise scale; MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing for high-velocity streams of complex data; significant scaling and efficiency improvements for MongoDB Time Series collections; and new capabilities using MongoDB Atlas Data Federation for querying data and isolating workloads on Microsoft Azure.

According to the company, these new features for MongoDB Atlas enable businesses to dramatically improve operational efficiency and speed up their pace of innovation by standardizing many types of workloads on a single developer data platform across the enterprise.

"The new MongoDB Atlas capabilities announced today are in response to the feedback we get from customers all around the world—they love that their teams are able to quickly build and innovate with MongoDB Atlas and want to be able to do even more with it across the enterprise," said Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO at MongoDB. "With the new features we're launching today, we're further supporting not only customers who are just getting started, but also customers who have the most demanding requirements for functionality, performance, scale, and flexibility so they can unleash the power of software and data to build advanced applications to transform their businesses."

MongoDB Atlas is a multi-cloud developer data platform that accelerates and simplifies building with data. MongoDB Atlas provides an integrated set of data and application services in a unified environment to enable developer teams to quickly build with the capabilities, performance, and scale modern applications require, according to the company.

Tens of thousands of customers and millions of developers rely on MongoDB Atlas every day so they can innovate more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with modern applications for virtually every use case across an organization.

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