MongoDB Charts on MongoDB Atlas Enables Native Data Visualization

MongoDB recently released the beta offering of its native data visualization tool, MongoDB Charts, on its cloud database-as-a-service, MongoDB Atlas, which runs on runs on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. According to the vendor, the new feature allows users to quickly create data visualizations and share them with their teams with no code to write, no tools to configure and no data movement or duplication.  

Because the feature natively supports the document model, MongoDB says, it removes the complexity of visualizing hierarchical JSON data and users do not require any insight into how the data was structured to build real-time visualizations that inform business decisions. Previously, the rich data commonly found in modern applications required intense data modeling in order to produce data visualizations, but, with MongoDB Charts, the company says, it’s only a matter of clicks.

The new feature gives all team members the ability to explore and visualize data for any number of business tasks, regardless of their skill set or physical location. Organizations can manage users and permissions in one place because MongoDB Charts is now fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas.

“The vast majority of tools in the business intelligence space struggle with handling rich, JSON data that is becoming increasingly common in modern applications. This not only makes it difficult to extract real time insights, but puts a technical hurdle in front of non-technical teams because there was no easy way to create data visualization without writing code,” said Grigori Melnik, Vice President of Product Server and Enterprise Tools, MongoDB. “MongoDB Charts on Atlas completely eliminates this technical burden and brings fast, data-driven insights to every member of an organization. That’s a relief both for the teams that need access, and for the technical employees that used to have to serve as gatekeepers to an organization’s data.”

In 2019, MongoDB Charts will add an embedding feature that will allow developers to create visualizations and embed them in external websites or applications.

More information is available about MongoDB Charts on MongoDB Atlas.