MongoDB Multi-Cloud Clusters are Generally Available

MongoDB, provider of a general purpose database platform, has announced the general availability of multi-cloud clusters for its global cloud database, MongoDB Atlas.

This enables customers to deploy a fully managed, distributed database across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure simultaneously without the added operational complexity of managing data replication and migration across clouds.

MongoDB Atlas multi-cloud clusters enables organizations to extend the geographic reach of their applications by allowing them to replicate data across all three major cloud providers to any of the currently 79 supported cloud regions worldwide. Multi-cloud clusters also gives organizations the flexibility to migrate their data—a typically onerous challenge—from one cloud provider to another to meet the changing needs of their application or business requirements. 

“Given the rapid innovations in cloud computing, customers are best served when they are given the freedom to choose how and where they run their workloads in the cloud,” said Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO of MongoDB. “With the availability of MongoDB Atlas multi-cloud clusters, customers can build, deploy and run powerful, highly available applications across different cloud providers, giving them unprecedented flexibility on where they can deploy applications, and what services they can leverage from our cloud infrastructure partners. No one else offers this today, making MongoDB Atlas the most advanced cloud database available in the market.”

MongoDB Atlas is now available in 79 regions worldwide across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Over 18,800 customers use MongoDB Atlas.