MongoDB Queryable Encryption Helps Companies Meet the Strictest Data-Privacy Requirements

MongoDB, Inc. is offering MongoDB Queryable Encryption, a technology that helps organizations protect sensitive data when queried and in-use on MongoDB.

According to the company, MongoDB Queryable Encryption significantly reduces the risk of data exposure for organizations and improves developer productivity by providing built-in encryption capabilities for highly sensitive application workflows—such as searching employee records, processing financial transactions, or analyzing medical records—with no cryptography expertise required.

“Protecting data is critical for every organization, especially as the volume of data being generated grows and the sophistication of modern applications is only increasing. Organizations also face the challenge of meeting a growing number of data privacy and customer data protection requirements,” said Sahir Azam, chief product officer at MongoDB. “Now, with MongoDB Queryable Encryption, customers can protect their data with state-of-the-art encryption and reduce operational risk—all while providing an easy-to-use capability developers can quickly build into applications to power experiences their end-users expect.”

With the general availability of MongoDB Queryable Encryption, customers can now secure sensitive workloads for use cases in highly regulated or data sensitive industries like financial services, health care, government, and critical infrastructure services by encrypting data while it is being processed and in-use.

Customers can quickly get started protecting data in-use by selecting the fields in MongoDB databases that contain sensitive data that need to be encrypted while in-use.

According to the company, with MongoDB Queryable Encryption, developers can now easily implement first-of-its-kind encryption technology to ensure their applications are operating with the highest levels of data protection and that sensitive information is never exposed while it is being processed—significantly reducing the risk of data exposure.

The MongoDB Cryptography Research Group developed the underlying encryption technology behind MongoDB Queryable Encryption, which is open source.

Organizations can freely examine the cryptographic techniques and code behind the technology to help meet security and compliance requirements.

MongoDB Queryable Encryption can be used with AWS Key Management Service, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Google Cloud Key Management Service, and other services compliant with the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) to manage cryptographic keys.

The general availability of MongoDB Queryable Encryption includes support for equality queries, with additional query types (e.g., range, prefix, suffix, and substring) generally available in upcoming releases.

Since the release of MongoDB Queryable Encryption in preview last year, MongoDB has worked in partnership with customers including leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, insurance, and automotive manufacturing industries to fine-tune the service for general availability.

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