MongoDB Unveils “Stitch” Backend as a Service to Simplify App Development

MongoDB has announced MongoDB Stitch, a new service to make it easier for developers to integrate the services they need to build applications. The company has also expanded the availability of MongoDB Atlas, its database as a service, to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

According to MongoDB, as application and user interface logic continues to move into the front end, the remaining back end is often dominated by “plumbing” to handle storing and retrieving data, security, data privacy, or integrating and composing various services. The new Stitch backend as a service (BaaS) provides a single API to the database and the services that modern applications depend on. The goal, said Brooks Crichlow, vice president of product marketing at MongoDB, is to simplify the app development process for developers so they can concentrate on delivering better apps without the need to focus on operations, infrastructure, or writing boilerplate code.

There are three key tenets to Stitch’s value proposition, Crichlow noted.

First, because every company today is trying to deliver a customer experience that sets their brand apart, developers need to focus their creativity on the code that makes their app experience unique, highly performant, and  relevant to their customers. Stitch enables to focus on the parts of their apps that will be most differentiating by providing developers with a way to handle routine tasks, including working with their data, controlling data access, and orchestrating commonly used services. Developers can choose from pre-built integrations with their favorite services, including Google, Facebook, AWS, Twilio, Slack, MailGun and PubNub, plus whatever internal microservices they choose to expose through Stitch, said Crichlow.

Second, said Crichlow, Stitch gives developers the ability to easily declare fine-grained data access controls, which is increasingly important in a world where security and privacy are paramount. Security and privacy are controlled through configurable data access controls and integration with authentication providers.

And, third, said Crichlow, unlike other back end as a service offerings, Stitch doesn’t constrain the database;  it gives developers the full feature set of MongoDB and allows them to scale up or down with the click of a button. Initially available with new or existing MongoDB Atlas clusters, MongoDB Stitch can support any MongoDB database, and safely exposes selected fields from an existing database to a new application. New apps can add additional data to the same database.

With the expanded availability of MongoDB Atlas on GCP and Azure, in addition to Amazon Web Services, MongoDB is supporting customers’ multi-cloud strategies and helping them avoid lock-in with a single cloud platform, said Crichlow. For MongoDB, he added, the expansion also paves the foundation for cross-region capabilities with the cloud and helps to deliver on its vision of a globally distributed database that is available across any major cloud provider to enable high performance, data sovereignty, and global coverage.

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MongoDB Atlas is available through Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. For more information, go here.

A freemium version of MongoDB Atlas is also available. More information can be found here.