MongoDB and Infosys Focus on Mainframe Offloading

Expanding on the application modernization initiative they launched in December, MongoDB and Infosys are introducing a new solution targeted at helping companies move workloads off the mainframe and onto the MongoDB database platform.

Infosys has been helping enterprises transform their business through application modernization with MongoDB, said Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO, MongoDB. The new mainframe offload solution will further enable these organizations to migrate the data for new applications off legacy systems while keeping the mainframe utilized for what it was originally designed for, he added.

The new offering builds on a previous partnership the companies announced last year to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and application modernization with next-generation database solutions. As part of that announcement, the two companies established a joint innovation lab in Bangalore, India, which hosts a dedicated Infosys team of MongoDB experts developing tools and processes to assist Infosys customers in their application modernization.

According to MongoDB, its data platform offers the flexibility, scale and performance required to support modern applications. Beyond performance, MongoDB says that offloading workloads to its platform from the mainframe can help organizations cut costs and open up those resources for other initiatives.

By helping enterprises migrate data off of the mainframe and onto MongoDB, the companies say, Infosys is enabling its customers to bring their data into the modern era and futureproof against a constantly-evolving technology landscape.

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