Monte Carlo, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot Join Alation’s Partner Ecosystem

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is expanding its partner ecosystem with the addition of Monte Carlo, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot, extending Alation’s connectivity to new data sources, building upon more than 100 existing connectors that enable organizations to gain insight across the modern data stack.

Alation’s Data Intelligence Platform is built on an open and extensible architecture that enables organizations to ingest metadata from third-party data sources. This ensures that the Alation platform captures the richest set of metadata, regardless of the source.

Alation’s Open Connector and Open Data Quality Frameworks provide an SDK and support development standards for technology partners to build on the Alation platform.

“The true power of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform lies in its open architecture—the Open Connector and Open Data Quality Frameworks provide organizations with the flexibility to build a best-of-breed data environment,” said Diby Malakar, vice president of product management at Alation. “Our recent integrations with Monte Carlo, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot deliver even greater connectivity, allowing organizations to effortlessly consolidate vital data into Alation for a more comprehensive view.”

This empowers not only third-party product partners to create integrations but third-party developers as well. The Sigma Computing and ThoughtSpot integrations, developed and supported by Hakkoda and Logan Data respectively, are examples of such partner-developed and partner-supported solutions.

"As data and AI use cases diversify across the business, teams need to ensure that the data powering these products and services are both reliable and accessible at each stage of the pipeline,” said Matt Sulkis, head of partnerships at Monte Carlo. “With Monte Carlo's end-to-end data observability and Alation's Data Intelligence Platform, organizations can ensure that the data powering their most critical data and AI products are discoverable and trustworthy. We're excited to deepen our partnership and continue providing our joint customers with trusted data across their stack."

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