Moogsoft Ups Its Game with AIOps

Moogsoft, a provider of artificial intelligence for IT operations, has announced Moogsoft Observe, intended to provide core AIOps platform capabilities from centralized analytics to the data source.

Moogsoft ingests time-series and metrics data in real-time and applies AI to detect incidents at the source of the problem. Observe stores only anomalous and contextual data, providing IT teams specific knowledge to improve their online services and applications. It is targeted at IT generalists, including site reliability engineers and DevOps.

“We’re advancing the capabilities of AIOps to help IT teams better manage their services and applications in the face of a massive proliferation and decentralization of data,” said Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft. “Observe enables IT and DevOps teams to detect problems wherever their customers are, and allows them to identify the root cause for service disruptions sooner without the cost, complexity, and delays of collecting and analyzing all the data in a centralized location.”

Observe is an extension of the Moogsoft AIOps platform but can be deployed independently. Moogsoft said that version 7.0 of the Moogsoft AIOps platform will be available in October. This release introduces Vertex Entropy and Situation Topology Visualization—two AI-based technologies that help IT teams understand the root cause of any customer-impacting problem through a system topology map.

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