MotherDuck Announces the General Availability of its Platform

MotherDuck, builder of a serverless, easy to use data analytics platform based on open source database DuckDB, is announcing the general availability of MotherDuck, providing users with the ability to use DuckDB’s simplicity at scale.  

DuckDB 1.0, which was recently announced by DuckDB Foundation and Labs, provides a scale-up approach to analytics that is faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly than distributed architectures, according to the company.

This provides many data users—none of whom have petabyte-scale data—with faster time to insights, less complicated and expensive data infrastructures, and the ability to work more efficiently leveraging the latest query planning, execution, and storage algorithms to make data warehouses run smoothly, the company says.

With MotherDuck GA, users can: 

  • Avoid spending on data infrastructure providers to build and maintain overly complex infrastructure that’s only necessary for the data 1%.
  • Eliminate fighting over common resources by assigning compute resources to each user and simplifying administration and costs for organizations.
  • Drop the overhead of distributed compute
  • Utilize idle local compute through hybrid cloud-local query execution, called dual execution
  • Experience faster time-to-insights without worrying about status-quo infrastructure optimized for petabyte scale.
“Over the last year we’ve listened to thousands of beta customers as they helped us test, validate, and improve MotherDuck as a data warehouse for data teams and as a backend for interactive apps,” said Jordan Tigani, CEO and co-founder of MotherDuck. “We’ve also solidified the pricing, support teams, internal business processes, and spent time with more than 50 technology partners to create a product and ecosystem that makes analytics ducking awesome.”

MotherDuck partners with more than 50 leading companies and technologies to make the Modern Duck Stack. Alongside MotherDuck GA, the company is also announcing that the most requested BI, data integration, and data observability tools have been added to the ecosystem to include Tableau, PowerBI, Fivetran, and Monte Carlo.

The company is also announcing: 

  • MotherDuck is now SOC 2 certified and to continue strengthening internal processes and controls, Myoung Kang has joined the company as Head of Operations.
  • A world class customer success organization run by Margaret Rosas, founder of Looker’s Department of Customer Love team.
  • The most efficient pricing model in analytics. Instead of paying for expensive compute resources, MotherDuck customers pay $25 per month per  organization after a 30 day trial.  This includes unlimited users, up to 100 GB of storage and 100 compute hours.  

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