MotherDuck Release Accelerates Analytics Workloads Regardless of Size or Location

MotherDuck, builder of the serverless, easy-to-use data analytics platform based on open source database DuckDB, is announcing the first release of its cloud analytics platform, following its numerous integrations and partnerships, as well as its $47.5M funding round which took place less than a year ago. The MotherDuck Serverless Analytics Platform seamlessly analyzes data, of any size, regardless of where it lives, accelerating analytics workloads, automating query computation location, and offering consistent, collaborative views of data, according to the company.

MotherDuck is the only analytics platform developed alongside the creators of DuckDB, expanding the reach of the OSS database and propelling collaborative SQL analytics. Backed by its partnerships with Hex, Astronomer, dbt Core, and LangChain, as well as investment from Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint, Amplify Partners, Altimeter, and Madrona, DuckDB (and in turn, MotherDuck) addresses the gap in availability of data analysis scaling technology. Often built specifically for large enterprises with over a petabyte of data, existing innovations neglect to offer their advancements to small- and medium-sized companies, according to the vendor.

DuckDB offers an in-process database, similar to SQLite for analytics workloads, that found its popularity among communities fulfilling that small- to medium-sized persona. Able to run anywhere (including a web browser), DuckDB queries data without requiring pre-loads, and supplies rapid execution of analytical queries that are based on relevant academic research, according to the vendor.

“As nearly every organization, large and small, strives to figure out how to get value out of their data, scale becomes much less interesting than making it easy to derive insights. While today is a momentous day for our company, it is just a first flap of our wings on this journey,” said Jordan Tigani, CEO and co-founder of MotherDuck. “We’re confident that the combined innovation between MotherDuck’s platform and DuckDB Labs’ database will be a critical piece of how the modern data stack evolves over the next few years.”

Enter MotherDuck’s platform, used among the DuckDB community to dynamically scale data analysis workloads through hybrid execution—a strategy that automatically plans each part of a user query and determines where it would best be computed.

For organizations with data presently located in the cloud, DuckDB enables users to move from development production more seamlessly. Existing DuckDB and MotherDuck accounts can switch from a local DuckDB database to the MotherDuck serverless analytics platform with a single configuration.

“DuckDB has a lot of folks in the data community excited; it's a new and unique tool in practitioners' toolboxes and has captured the imaginations of many,” said Tristan Handy, CEO and founder of dbt Labs. “MotherDuck's efforts bringing DuckDB to the cloud will broaden the reach of this promising technology.”

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