Moving Analytics From the Factory to the Cloud

The industrial revolution has given way to the digital age but, how do traditional factories weather the storm of this change?

Modern demands require manufacturers to have the ability to support faster production, vary product output at a moment's notice, lower power consumption, and eliminate waste all while improving throughput and efficiency.

Having the ability to manage costs and make decisions based on real-time information has become even more critical.

DBTA recently held a webinar featuring Pete Sage, principal cloud architect, GE, Bett Bollhoefer, product manager, GE, and Mark Van de Wiel, CTOm HVR, who discussed how HVR empowers factories to achieve analytics in the cloud for real-time decision making.

In modern manufacturing there is too much data that is too spread out, Sage and Bollhoefer explained.

Today’s manufacturing challenges include:

  • Critical data manufacturers need from their factories is locked up in huge on premise databases.
  • To access the data, companies have IT building stored procedures and ad hoc queries, which cause performance issues with the execution databases, negatively impacting factory production.
  • Large manufacturing companies have multiple plants making the same product.
  • Pulling reports across multiple factories: is hard on the database,  requires manual IT work , and delivers outdated data

Van de Wiel explained building an edge-to-cloud solution using HVR and Predix will bring companies into the future.

HVR moves high volumes of data to and from a variety and sources and targets for real-time reporting and analytics.

The solution can provide real-time data from a relational database, enable developers to use APIs, and allow BI Developers/ app developers use APIs to build visualizations.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.