Mtell and MapR Introduce Big Data Platform for Oil & Gas Industry

Mtelligence Corporation (dba Mtell), and MapR Technologies have introduced a new big data platform called Mtell Reservoir that combines the MapR Distribution including Hadoop, Mtell Previse Software, and Open TSDB (time-series database) software technology. The solution is targeted at the oil and gas industry.

Founded in 2006, Mtelligence provides software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment.“Mtell holds a unique position in the oil and gas space as one of the only companies with an advanced machine learning platform for predictive maintenance,” said Ted Dunning, chief application architect, MapR Technologies. “Their expertise in the oil and gas space has been invaluable and played a key role in the success of applying the MapR Distribution in this demanding environment for reliably ingesting and analyzing data.”

Designed specifically for data center user needs, Mtell Reservoir is an enterprise historian that distributes disk access and CPU processing across MapR clusters of computers.The system ingests and analyzes real-time sensor and historical data alongside maintenance data that are generated from industrial equipment

The new solution enables subject matter experts within organizations to perform remote monitoring and analysis from a central repository. There they can act on volumes of data retrieved from many assets at many locations to enable new levels of predictive maintenance. With Mtell Previse, the system proactively learns patterns of normal and errant behavior across fleets of equipment to provide warnings of minor degradation. In addition, according to the vendors, early problem mitigation can prevent equipment failure thus increasing net product output at any plant. The platform also enables new insights into machine and process operations efficiency, quality, and utilization.

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