MuleSoft Introduces Universal API Management Capabilities

MuleSoft, provider of an integration and API platform, is releasing new universal API management capabilities that enable IT teams to securely create, manage, and govern any API across any environment and technology.

The universal API management capabilities—including Anypoint Flex Gateway, API Manager, API Experience Hub, API Designer with event-driven capabilities, and API Governance—are built directly on Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft’s unified platform for integration, API management, and automation.

Together, these capabilities transform MuleSoft’s end-to-end platform into a more open, flexible, and scalable solution, so businesses can accelerate innovation and create seamless digital experiences faster, according to the vendor.

To navigate hybrid and distributed ecosystems, IT teams can use MuleSoft’s new universal API management capabilities on Anypoint Platform to build, deploy, secure, operate, and discover all of their organization’s APIs — from anywhere and in a single place.

New universal API management capabilities on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform allow organizations to:

  • Adapt to any architecture with a flexible, lightweight gateway to manage and secure any service: Anypoint Flex Gateway enables IT teams to deliver the level of performance required for the most demanding applications, providing enterprise security and manageability across any API, environment, or architecture.
  • Deploy and monitor services across any cloud or environment: Developers and IT managers can scale effectively by operating and monitoring their APIs across any cloud or environment from a single place.
  • Accelerate time to market by discovering APIs built anywhere in the enterprise or composing new APIs in any language: Developers now have the flexibility to model APIs in any specification in API Designer, for any purpose — microservices, event-driven, and much more. Additionally, they can find, explore, and consume APIs designed anywhere in a single place with API Experience Hub.
  • Build trust without sacrificing agility by defining central governance rules and applying them to any API at scale: With API Governance, companies can operationalize governance across all of their enterprise APIs to help comply with industry regulations and internal design standards, without adding friction to development.

"In today’s increasingly digital, work-from-anywhere world, companies now have to manage and compose thousands of APIs spanning different teams, environments, and technologies. MuleSoft’s new universal API management capabilities on Anypoint Platform bring companies closer to achieving the composable business vision, by allowing them to choose and integrate best-of-breed solutions and compose new services using any API. With consistent enterprise security and management of APIs across all environments, teams can innovate, scale, and deliver new digital experiences without restraint,” said Meir Amiel, chief product officer, MuleSoft.

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