MuleSource Teams Up with GigaSpaces to Offer High Availability for Open Source ESB

MuleSource, a provider of open-source service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure software, announced an OEM agreement with GigaSpaces Technologies, a provider of application platforms for Java and .NET environments.

Under the terms of the agreement, MuleSource leverages GigaSpaces' eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) technology to provide customers functionality that guarantees continuous high availability for the Mule enterprise service bus (ESB), with no data loss and no compromise in latency or throughput. These new capabilities are available with the Mule Enterprise product as a packaged solution.

Uri Cohen, product manager at GigaSpaces, says companies looking at in-memory processing solutions often have to make tradeoffs between high performance and reliability. "If you're using in-memory queues, sure you have very good performance, but what happens if everything fails? It means the message has to be pumped again into the system, and you lose the state the application was in during the failure time. On the other hand, if you use JMS, typically with messaging servers, if you want to do very high availability or reliability, you have to write things to disk. It's very reliable but very slow compared to in-memory solutions.

The GigaSpaces-MuleSource agreement offers "data queues on steroids," Cohen says. "It's the ability to take Mule's data queues, which are basically the infrastructure for any Mule in-memory workflow, and put them on the data grid. You enjoy in-memory performance, but you don't sacrifice reliability."

GigaSpaces' XAP enables businesses and developers to scale systems under peak demand, guarantee performance under data processing loads, and leverage the economies-of-scale offered by virtual computing environments such as clouds and grids.

For more information about MuleSource, visit the MuleSource website. For more information about GigaSpaces, visit the GigaSpaces website.