MultiValue Central Partners with BlueFinity to Utilize the Evoke Platform

MultiValue Central is partnering with BlueFinity to utilize the Evoke platform, BlueFinity’s low-code business app development platform for worldwide distribution.

“MultiValue Central is a dynamic company with an excellent reputation and a major player in the world’s technology market. We’re delighted that Evoke will become their flagship App Development solution,” said Malcolm Carroll, director at BlueFinity International. “The partnership with MultiValue Central will ensure that the product is supported by excellent levels of local support, training, implementation, and development services.”

The partnership will enable MultiValue Central to provide support, development, and implementation services associated with the development of business apps.

MultiValue Central will also employ Evoke to design and develop its own apps for the benefit of its customers.

For BlueFinity, the collaboration will enable the support of MultiValue Central’s experienced technology, development, and sales teams. This will allow BlueFinity to expand the already rapidly growing Evoke customer base into new markets.

Both companies see huge potential for growth in the MultiValue marketplace as more companies are looking for modernization and mobile apps to enhance their existing enterprise systems.

Evoke’s ability to generate solutions that integrate both SQL and MultiValue databases into the same desktop and mobile app offers great possibilities to MultiValue Central’s clients.

Evoke is a low-code/no-code RAD platform that allows a company’s existing staff to cost effectively design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple mobile and desktop devices.

This allows for the creation of web, hybrid and native apps and the full integration and synchronization with back-end systems and databases.

“We see Evoke as one of the premier low-code products in the marketplace and the need for modernization and mobile apps in the MultiValue marketplace make this product a must have for the enterprise,” said Dr. John Nunziato, executive vice president at MultiValue Central.

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