MultiValue Leaders Land on this Year’s DBTA 100

The DBTA 100 spotlights vendors leading the charge at taking advantage of the wealth of data that is pouring into companies.

Several leading MultiValue companies highlighted including, Entrinsik, Kore Technologies, Revelation Software, and Rocket Software.

This sixth DBTA 100 list spans a wide variety of companies that are each addressing the evolving demands for hardware, software, and services. Some are long-standing companies with well-established offerings that have evolved over time, while others are brand new to the data scene.

As such, MutliValue databases continue to remain trusted workhorses that take its place among new tech giants because of its everlasting performance.

Entrinsik is a global software company that provides Informer Business Intelligence & Data Analytics and Enrole Registration & Course Management, as well as personalized, on-site training to help get organizations and their teams up and running quickly.

Specializing in extending the enterprise through integrated best-in-class solutions, Kore’s enterprise integration, business intelligence, and ecommerce solutions complement the functionality of enterprise applications, thereby increasing the usefulness and lifespan of existing products.

Revelation Software delivers a suite of application development tools and companion services that take full advantage of network computing architectures, messaging, and operating environments with OpenInsight connecting to Windows, Linux, and Java-based GUI tools to leading legacy MultiValue data.

Rocket Software is a technology company that helps organizations in the IBM ecosystem build solutions that meet today’s needs while extending the value of their technology investments for the future.