MySQL And PostgreSQL Performance Tools Offered by Continuent

Continuent, Inc., a provider of replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, announced the next version of Tungsten Enterprise, a replication and data management solution for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Tungsten Enterprise supports replication and distributed management to create virtualized databases using redundant data copies. The solution "is used in transaction processing for software-as-a-service applications and large web-facing applications," Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Its ability to keep data available and spread load across multiple copies is critical in such cases. The fact that we virtualize the database access allows applications to take advantage of these capabilities with minimal change."

The new release has capabilities for managing databases in cloud environments as well, says Hodges. "Operating databases in cloud environments is really just beginning, as there are a number of issues in operating high-performance databases in virtualized environments like Amazon," he says. "Tungsten Enterprise is well-suited particularly for emerging mixed environments where the application tier is fully virtualized while the DBMS runs on hardware. "

This latest version of Tungsten Enterprise includes a number of features to improve the management, performance, flexibility and reliability of Tungsten clusters. The new release also includes architectural changes to Tungsten Replicator, as well as connectivity improvements, upgrades to MySQL binlog parsing, and PostgreSQL replication.

The new release of Tungsten Enterprise also includes enhanced failure detection logic that enables configurable confirmation, and redundant confirmation of database server failures. Failures will be confirmed once they are detected the first time to further ensure right automatic response upon failure.

The new release also includes architectural improvements that enable Tungsten Replicator to define custom replication flows - or pipelines - for native Tungsten Replication, as well as to manage non-Tungsten mechanisms such as PostgreSQL warm standby replication. In addition, new features facilitate online upgrade of MySQL databases. The tool also supports MySQL to Oracle replication for real-time integration of applications running on Oracle but needing MySQL data, data warehousing from MySQL into Oracle, and MySQL to PostgreSQL replication for real-time integration of applications running on PostgreSQL and needing MySQL data.

For data security, Tungsten interfaces with other third-party tools at this time. "We are beginning to look into security more closely as we help more customers move data between sites," Hodges says.

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