NEC Incorporates Video Conferencing into Unified Communications Lineup

NEC Unified Solutions, a provider of enterprise business communications, announced UC for Enterprise (UCE) Collaboration, a video and web conferencing and collaboration application designed to help enterprises make remote contact with customers and employees.

NEC's UCE Collaboration, a key element of NEC's UC for Enterprise Suite, facilitates scheduled or impromptu video or web collaboration. Each solution provides the opportunity for frequent, meaningful touch points with customers and employees, NEC says. By leveraging UCE, businesses can ease network management issues and reduce the need for costly business travel.

NEC has been aggressively promoting the concept of "service-oriented communications" as part of its Unified Communications strategy in recent months. "Obviously, it's a take-off of service orientation and the concept of bringing communications, communications particularly as it relates to humans in the business process," Todd Landry, senior vice president of NEC Sphere, recently told an industry group. "If you think of the world of telephones on your desk, or PBX, our mission in life has been to take what has traditionally been very proprietary "ungreen" systems and turn it onto software. As a result of turning it turning it into software, you start to think about it more as a business application than a special thing managed by guys with tool belts in wiring closets and things like that. As part of our mission we've been going around and evangelizing ... within organizations to talk more about how these platforms become part of the enterprise architecture-why they're business applications, and not boxes in the wiring closet run by that special guy down the hall somewhere."

UCE Collaboration incorporates the audio, web and video components needed for live online meetings. Users only need a PC with a broadband connection to the Internet. UCE incorporates video conferencing, as well Voice over Internet Protocol to enable participants to talk and hear one another by using standard PC speaker/microphones or headsets.

More information on NEC unified communications can be found here.