NEC Platform Upgrade Includes Data Encryption

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a provider of communication and IT solutions, has upgraded its grid storage platform to deliver encryption for data at rest, instant file copy, and shared system mode. NEC's system, HYDRAstor HS8-3000,  is available to existing customers via software upgrade.

HYDRAstor is a distributed grid storage platform designed to modernize storage infrastructure to support long-term data retention. HYDRAstor is offered as an alternative to primary storage, network-attached storage, virtual or physical tape, and specialized single-purpose backup or archive appliances.

"HYDRAstor was designed to efficiently store long-term data while delivering massive linear scalability, superior performance, and high availability for enterprise environments," says Gideon Senderov, director of advanced storage products at NEC Corporation of America.

HYDRAstor's Encryption at Rest feature delivers a security option for classified financial and healthcare data, which are subject to government mandated security such as FIPS 140-2. This feature enables HYDRAstor to ensure data is encrypted with AES-128 or AES-256 prior to being committed to disk, protecting data against disk thefts. Encryption at Rest can be applied at a file system granularity, enabling intermix of encrypted and non-encrypted data on the same HYDRAstor system.

Instant File Copy functionality extends HYDRAstor's file system cloning feature, enabling the user to quickly create fully deduplicated copies of individual files at a finer granularity than entire file systems. Customers can obtain copies of large amounts of data in seconds, since HYDRAstor's DataRedux technology eliminates the need for any actual data copy. Instant File Copy generates the copy within HYDRAstor without server data transfer, further enhancing HYDRAstor's advanced functionality and ease of management.

Shared System Mode introduces a multi-tenant capability to HYDRAstor systems, which ensures data sets are visible only to authorized clients. This feature is targeted for managed service providers and private cloud environments to enable multiple organizations to maintain secure exclusive access to data while sharing a single HYDRAstor system.

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