NEON Offers One-Dollar Version of zPrime

NEON Enterprise Software announced that it is offering NEON zPrime for IMS for just one dollar. NEON zPrime for IMS is designed to make costly IMS workloads eligible for processing on IBM specialty processors (SPs) instead of IBM System z central processors. To take advantage of the offer, customers must make a 2-year commitment at a dollar per year, and install a new version of NEON zPrime in production by December 31, 2010.

The offer is valid through the end of 2010, Dan Hoffman, director of product management for NEON Enterprise Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

NEON zPrime for IMS is based on NEON's mainframe zPrime 2.1, and makes IMS workloads eligible to run on more cost-effective SPs. With zPrime 2.1, more than 90 percent of most mainframe workloads (IMS, DB2, CICS, TSO/ISPF and batch) are eligible for processing on SPs.

"The redirection of workloads to specialty processors is instantaneous. zPrime requires nothing of the end user other than to identify the IMS workloads they want eligible for redirection," says Hoffman.

Version 2.1 of zPrime is intended to give mainframe administrators even more control over IBM zIIP (z Integrated Information Processor) and zAAP (z Application Assist Processor) specialty engine use. It helps ensure optimal utilization of zIIPs and zAAPs with less intervention than previous zPrime versions. NEON zPrime for IMS takes full advantage of zPrime 2.1 and maximizes the cost advantages of SPs for IMS workloads.

The savings incurred by from moving IMS workloads to SP could be significant, Hoffman adds. "IBM measures mainframe capacity in MSUs, or millions of service units," he explains. "Each MSU that is redirected to a specialty processor in a typical mainframe site running IMS is worth about $3,400 per year. If zPrime enables the customer to move 100 MSUs - about the capacity of one z10 specialty processor - of IMS, they will save about $340,000 per year in IBM software charges."

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