NGINX Partners with IBM for Kubernetes Support

NGINX, Inc., will partner with IBM to support its solution, NGINX Plus, for the IBM Cloud Private platform.

"Enterprises are tasked to accelerate the pace of application development using modern, cloud-native tools such as containers and Kubernetes," said Robin Hernandez, director of IBM Cloud Private. "IBM Cloud Private, along with NGINX Plus, helps customers to meet this challenge by providing a flexible, open source-based solution, with an option for supported enterprise features to help ensure these applications can meet the standards required for a production environment."

NGINX Plus, the enterprise version of the NGINX open source software already integrated into IBM Cloud Private, allows companies to deliver their applications with a commercially supported Ingress controller along with advanced functionality needed for scaling production Kubernetes environments.

The IBM Cloud Private platform enables organizations to create a flexible, controlled cloud-native environment on systems in internal or external data centers. Underpinned by open-source Kubernetes container technology, IBM Cloud Private has architecture and capabilities consistent with public clouds, simplifying development and management of applications across multiple cloud environments.

Already a leading containerized solution, NGINX Plus provides native deployment and configuration for IBM Cloud Private along with a full complement of capabilities for enterprise deployments including advanced load balancing algorithms, content-based routing, TLS/SSL termination, URI rewriting, session persistence, authentication, and detailed monitoring of key performance and load balancing metrics.

"We’re excited to partner with IBM to provide an enterprise-grade Ingress controller option for customers who need to scale their production Kubernetes environments," said Paul Oh, head of business development at NGINX, Inc. "As customers look to adopt a microservices-based application portfolio, we are proud to bring the advanced features and capabilities of NGINX Plus to IBM Cloud Private.”

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