NGINX Partners with Red Hat to Drive Application Innovation

NGINX will now support its NGINX Application Platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, allowing customer to better manage and scale their applications.

"Applications are at the heart of today’s adaptive new infrastructure," said Chris Morgan, technical director, OpenShift Ecosystem at Red Hat. "Linux containers and Kubernetes increasingly serve as the basis of these cloud-native apps, and Red Hat provides a comprehensive platform to help enterprises embrace these technologies and drive towards digital transformation. Through our collaboration with NGINX, customers can have even more choice for a simplified, optimized, and modern infrastructure to drive such innovation.”

Red Hat has emerged as a static provider of Linux, Linux containers, and Kubernetes as foundational technologies that provide applications with portability, enhanced security, and cloud-like efficiencies.

NGINX builds atop this foundation with tested and validated interoperability with Red Hat technologies, embedded routing and ingress controller functionality, and joint support capabilities that can provide a more seamless customer experience.

Customers can benefit from a more simplified architecture, helping to free up time to bring new applications to market rather than managing disparate infrastructure components.

Core elements of the NGINX Application Platform include NGINX Plus R15 - an integrated load balancer, content cache, API gateway, and web application firewall - alongside NGINX Unit for dynamic web and application serving, and NGINX Controller for centralized monitoring, management, and analytics.

With this announcement, the NGINX Application Platform adds to the ongoing collaboration with Red Hat by providing:

  • New platform interoperability: Certified NGINX technologies that run on Red Hat platforms. The newly released NGINX Unit 1.0 adds to the existing support of NGINX Plus as certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. NGINX is also available from the Red Hat Container Registry as a Red Hat Certified Container.
  • Better optimized technologies: NGINX technologies have been designed to run in Red Hat platforms. NGINX and NGINX Plus have been included as a Router option in OpenShift Origin. This complements NGINX’s previously announced certification of the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller Solution for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Easier customer deployments: New NGINX services and solutions provide a more streamlined experience.New TSANet joint support offers customers a collaborative support experience when adopting both platforms. The upcoming NGINX Controller R1 further supports customers by providing centralized management and deployment of NGINX software to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments. New unified Ansible Role for NGINX and NGINX Plus to automate deployments and configure advanced capabilities such as installing NGINX Amplify for live activity monitoring or first party NGINX modules.

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