Naveego Releases Platform with Features that Can Connect to Any Type of Data Where it Resides

Naveego, an emerging provider of cloud-based Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, is introducing its Complete Data Accuracy Platform 2018.2.0, empowering organizations to proactively transform data into viable, actionable information assets.

“Companies want to be able to use the data they’ve been collecting and yet have all data about a customer from all these sources from one place so they can make analytics use of it,” said Katie Horwath, CEO of Naveego. “There’s a need to correlate, analyze, and bring together data from all these data sources.”

Using API connections, Naveego’s solution agnostically connects with any type of data where the data resides, eliminating the need to make infrastructure changes.

As a result, businesses can achieve, on average, an ROI of 800 percent within 60 days of implementation as compared to years, with legacy data management solutions, according to the company.

Naveego’s Data Accuracy Platform 2.0 provides a 360 degree view of information assets across traditional data such as CRM, ERP and MDM systems, as well as new data from web searches, clickstreams, IoT sensor data, social media, and streaming data.

By connecting all sources of data into a single view, businesses can proactively achieve global data health, in one place.

The platform includes features such as:

  • Big Data Ingestion and Storage: This release positions the platform to handle the massive amounts of data and storage required by Big Data applications. By leveraging Hadoop technologies such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark, the platform is able to handle high volumes of data from any source, in real-time, regardless of its structure or schema.
  • Auto-Provisioning and Self-Service: The platform is fully self-service capable, allowing new partners and customers to add new tenants to the system. While Naveego’s support staff is available to assist, users can perform all operations without customization, and achieve MDM implementation in hours, as compared with other solutions that can require years.
  • Data Flow Log: Tracking, logging and normalizing data across distributed systems such as Hadoop is a difficult process, and challenging to support. The platform’s Data Flow Log has been enhanced to track all data over distributed systems with multiple processors, and deliver invaluable end-to-end visibility to users. This patent pending capability, unique to Naveego, identifies duplicate records, cleanses data and performs exact matching, in addition to tracking the lifecycle of all data across time and who or what changed it.
  • MDM Scalability: The MDM system has been designed to handle probabilistic matching and merging at a massive scale across distributed environments. Leveraging systems such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark enables the platform to manage today’s massive new load requirements.

“The goal at the end of the day is complete data accuracy so a company can see global data health across all their different software systems, all in one place,” Horwath said.

In the future the company aims to be able to clean data sets that are feeding artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, Horwath explained.

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