Naveego takes Data Accuracy to the Next Level with Latest Platform Enhancements

Naveego, a provider of cloud-first distributed data accuracy solutions, is introducing the next generation of its Complete Data Accuracy Platform, providing self-service Master Data Management (MDM) and Golden-Record-as-a-Service (GRaaS) for non-technical business users.

“We live and breathe data accuracy,” said Katie Horvath, CEO. “We’re taking this idea of data management and master data management out of the backroom of the IT department and bringing it into the business.”

This offering enables users to acquire the data they need for advanced analytics without having to rely on the IT department or professional services.

GRaaS ensures that enterprises have a single version of the truth to leverage the power of their data for analytics and reporting immediately upon deployment.

The next generation platform includes an advanced, patent-pending security measure that performs merging and checks consistency without decrypting data or even having platform access to the encryption key.

“We’re continuing to try to make the product more accessible and more user friendly for the non-technical business user,” Horvath said.

It requires no customization or infrastructure change to adopt, and has a low total cost of ownership (TCO) since it is a complete solution that removes the need for highly skilled individuals to implement and maintain.

The Naveego Complete Data Accuracy Platform is a hybrid and multi-cloud, distributed data accuracy solution that proactively manages, detects and eliminates customer data accuracy issues across all enterprise data sources to ensure a single golden record and make data consistent across the enterprise.

It prevents data lakes from becoming data swamps by leveraging Kubernetes, Apache Kafka and Apache Spark technologies to enable rapid deploy, distributed processing and seamless integration with data no matter where it lives, and it fully supports on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Naveego provides data accuracy at high volume with real-time streaming from any data source in any environment regardless of its schema or structure. 

The platform can be used in a variety of industries, with any company that has three or more data sources, according to Horvath. Data officers, compliance teams, marketing teams, IT departments, and more will benefit the most from these enhancements.

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