Neebula Lifts IT Service Management to the Cloud

Neebula Systems, a provider of service modeling and management solutions, has unveiled a preview of its latest cloud management solution, the Neebula ServiceWatch solution in the cloud. The offering is intended to provide IT managers access to a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based product to discover and map IT resources – hardware and software – that make up a specific business service. This eliminates the long, labor-intensive process of installing on-premise software and then manually discovering and mapping IT resources, the vendor says.

ServiceWatch offers a complementary tool to popular on-site monitoring solutions such as BMC, Yuval Cohen, CEO of Neebula, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “We connect to monitoring tools such as BMC and many others, in order to provide correct health of the service, impact of events and root cause analysis, all in the perspective of the business services that we discover and map.”

Neebula ServiceWatch is designed as a top-down, business-level discovery and dependency mapping product which leverages patented technology to automate the entire service modeling process. The tool employs the service models to assist IT administrators in managing the availability of business services.

ServiceWatch starts the discovery process with the entry point to the business service (e.g. URL, MQ request, Citrix client etc.), automatically discovers and maps all IT infrastructure components - hardware and software - upon which the business service depends, and provides IT administrators with a single-pane dashboard view into the health of critical services.

At this time, the new offering is targeted mainly at non-mainframe data centers, Yuval Cohen, CEO of Neebula, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “We currently have limited support for mainframe, a relatively short list of apps that we can discover and map on the mainframe,” he explains.

Neebula ServiceWatch is available for a free 30-day preview at