Neebula Teams with CA Nimsoft to Speed Up the Surfacing of Systems Disruptions

Neebula Systems' ServiceWatch has integrated with CA Nimsoft Service Desk, providing a combined solution that enables IT administrators to quickly understand the impact of incident and change management activities on business, which minimizes disruptions and optimizes uptime.

Neebula ServiceWatch creates and maintains a map of business services that includes their underlying physical, virtual, and network infrastructure. The combined Neebula ServiceWatch and CA Nimsoft Service Desk offering is being delivered as software-as-a-service.

“Mapping the structure of business services gives IT operations a clear view of the components and their relationships, which helps eliminate guess work,” says Yuval Cohen, CEO of Neebula. “By integrating our discovery and mapping capabilities with CA Nimsoft Service Desk, we expect to dramatically improve the operator’s ability to analyze and time to resolve incidents, as well as reduce the number of incidents that are due to changes.”

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