Neo4j Aura Enterprise Provides a Cloud Database for Graph Applications

Neo4j, a provider of graph technology, is releasing Neo4j Aura Enterprise, a fully managed cloud database for organizations building high-performance graph applications.

Aura Enterprise speeds time to value, enabling customers to get to production faster than the equivalent on-premises option, according to the vendor. Organizations can now focus entirely on building performant, graph-powered applications quickly, without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance.

New and existing customers are adopting Neo4j Aura Enterprise across a wide variety of use cases to simplify the management and maintenance of their graph-powered applications.

Customers use Aura Enterprise for digital transformation, supply chain management, recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, regulatory compliance applications, and more.

Aura Enterprise meets the enterprise-scale requirements of global, mission-critical applications. It builds on the simplicity of Aura Professional to provide:

  • Performance at Scale: Management of large datasets with billions of nodes and relationships for lightning-fast query performance with an optimized cloud database.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: End-to-end encryption, built-in VPC isolation plus role-based and node-level access control to secure massive graph datasets.
  • Predictable Pricing: Transparent, simple consumption-based pricing, coupled with on-demand scale for maximum cost savings.
  • Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications: ACID compliant, self-healing architecture delivering a guaranteed 99.95% service uptime. Upgrades and patches applied without downtime.
  • 24x7 Support: Premium support with one-hour SEV-1 response with access to the largest graph practitioner community, ensuring users have everything they need for their next game-changing application.

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